Nice ken roadie, and a few track bikes/frames

not sure how long the ad will last, jump on it


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somone please buy the jacket for your missus! so much awesome

I have those exact SIDI shoes in brown but I can’t remember what size they are. If these are the same size then I’m definitely buying, where is the size on a SIDI shoe?

hillman frame looks nice, but $500 is steep.

pretty sure all the gear is ladies sizes dude.

but probably not a faux hillman rolly so its ok =P

given your track record i’d be checkin :wink:

was gonna grab a frame last night but got beat by 2 other guys lol


Is that a Regal saddle, Jase?

Buy now, ask questions later…

haha have actually picked one up from another bloke on bna, woot!

But thanks for thinking of me homey! :slight_smile:

has that guy not heard of ebay?? wheelchairs, crutches, fishing tackle… it’s a bike website duder.

I wonder if I’d fit into the:

Women’s XL.
Long sleeved.

I want to see someone buy this. RUBBER.

Another Toolondo fishman?

And yes, he really did exist!