Nice Ken roadie.

Kenevans Retro Hand Made Racing Bike, Circa 1990 shimano/Campagnolo | eBay

It’s a Far Ken Nice Ken. Pity it’s too big.

this is really, really nice. However something about brake cable guides under the tt that turns me off, i dont know why.

Now re-listed starting at a grand. Get fucked.

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I was watching this… thought I had missed the end of the auction when it was $500 and no bids. I sent him a message saying I would be happy to take it off his hands for the $500 original price.

His reply.

“I bet you would, see new price”

haha. No chance.

so it didnt sell for $500, so he tries $1000?

I don’t think the auction finished on time…If I recall it had 2 days or so to go. i reckon there were shitloads of watchers or lots of offers…
$1k is a bit ambitious for a nice ken with shimano 600.

Fyxo posted it up too?? Similar comment there, pulled at $500, relisted for $1K! Hopeful, to say the least.

Still think its not too bad, frame looks like its in great Nic, and it’s a common size

Sure, ambitious but not unrealistic. If you had room for one nice bike only I would cough up the $ for it.

Most would pay $250 and up for a nice Ken frame. Add group, wheels, seat, headset etc and you’re easily over a grand…
If you chucked this bike up on bikeexchange and let it sit there for a while for a grand you’d have no probs moving it over time. The right buyer would pay for it.
This guy sold for $1k over a year go and for me it shows the right buyer will pay the bux for it:
BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - WTS: Kenevans 1980 vintage racing bike with full record.

I was pretty interested in it when it was getting auctioned at $500 and up, but like most of us I have a few too many bikes and I couldn’t justify paying a grand for a bike to very occasionally get ridden… I’m at a point where I’ve culled all of my B team bikes and and running out of shed space.

this wont sell for a grand

It has $600 in the bna post?
still think it could sell but quickly no.

The seller is obviously a complete shithead.

that was the original ad… It sold a while later with tyres, nicer seat etc… (couldn’t see the old ebay ad as is was over 90 days old…)

Yep. Price has now dropped to an $800 start. How long until its back to $500?