Nice Melb Day rides....suggestions?

So, my sister is coming over for a visit and she is a keen cyclist and thinking we’ll do a day ride somewhere.

She aint up for an ‘epic’ but can handle kms… nothing with too much climbing though.

Looking for suggestions for a nice day ride somewhere accessible by public transport around Melbs.

I’ve done the Lilydale-Warby trail heaps so that is out.

What else have people done and enjoyed?


Some similar ideas here:

What about a train out to Woodend then ride to Daylesford or something like that - I think there’s a rail trail out there, too. I’ve only been around that area in a car, but it certainly looks like an awesome part of the world for cycling.

Cheers, Woodend is a good idea.

but trains don’t seem to run to Daylesford, its a coach between Woodend and Daylesford.

^ Yeah, but it’s only 40k’s or something between the two, so you could do a round trip.

Something like this.

Wildwood Road loop is my absolute favourite. It’s so pretty. A little climbing, but nothing too extreme.
If I can do it (fixed!), anyone can do it.

Something like this: State Library of Victoria to State Library of Victoria - Google Maps

Yes it’s a coach to Daylesford here. Whilst the road from Woodend to Daylesford is a nice ride, it is fairly narrow, bendy and with poor shoulders. Not so much of an issue during the week when there is less traffic but very busy on the weekend. Catching thebtrain further along the line to Castlemaine then riding to Daylesford before returning via the Ballarat line at Ballan would be 70kms about. If you do the Woodend to Daylesford ride stop in at Trentham, great coffee and food at Red Beard Bakery. Another good ride from Ballarat -Creswick - Daylesford - Dean - Daylesford

Which Wildwood road? There are few round Melb, up Whittlesea ways?

and Pin yeah that looks good, also eyeing up Woodend to Castlemaine through the forest as its mostly downhill nice food and stuff in Castlemaine and can train home.

like thus

but with more back roads…

can i come?

Can I come?

yes and yes.

It’ll be a real relaxed pace and probably labour weekend.

You could also catch the train to frankston or geelong and do loops around the relevant peninsulas (mornington or bellarine). some nice queiter roads out there and not a lot of climbing.

Train close to Daylseford that runs can drop you off at Malmsbury which is a pretty nice ride from there to Daylesford