Nice old wet weather commuter

This is very clean:

Bicycle SPOKESMAN | eBay

The Apollo IV is good too

Bicycle LIKE NEW | eBay

I can personally vouch for this model

EDIT: Actually I think I want it, can any Canberrian pick this up for me? Could make a good bike for when I’m in Syd the week after next

I reckon they are not great pickups given the condition.

sure can, hell, i might even be able to fit it in the car and get it up to Gus’ place in syd next weekend

someone hit that! bargain.

Has that bike ever been ridden?

Ditch that junk rack, replace the levers and that thing is a banger.

The Spokesman is even nicer, once the foam grips are gone.

The seller has upped the price on the Apollo. Fugeddaboutit

That spokesman is epic

there was a smaller spokesman in Logan a few weeks ago. went for one $50 bid. full 600 arabesque.
missed it by a phone call :frowning: