Nice paint but dunno if its $14000 worth

Limited Colnago Futura 2000 Master Pista Track Bike Frame 60cm Rare 1 OF 38 | eBay

^ Aren’t the dots actually decals?

That would make more sense.

Nah, it’s actually paint.

Still trying to flog these things, they come up on ebay every couple of years. Strangely the price is increasing.

New paint idea for the Cannondale.

This is a bargain at 12 large. Colnago Futura Track Frame 56cm RARE Collector’s Piece Made in 2007 | eBay

The one i saw IRL was decals. but that was one of the original super ltd edition batch.

cant guarantee that remained the case for all of them.

Hell… I remember when those Canadian guys were trying to flog these things for $7 grand!

is the frame anything special? or is this literally just a standard model frame the blokes at colnago lashed with a paintjob?