I got a bit excited when i saw this come up in Perth gumtree, turns out its Red Hill in Canberra, not Perth. Custom Fixie | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Western Australia - Perth Region. Someone get on it

I’m on it

nice find darkhorse! for $150 for the whole bike…bar-gain…

seems too good to be true…

Or Smack-y trying to pay for a hit with a stolen bike… we will see

lol almost as good as the campagnola rear wheel for $20 clams…

Check out the sellers other items…

one direction tickets | Music | Gumtree Australia South Canberra - Red Hill

FREE CLOTHES!! | Men’s Clothing | Gumtree Australia Western Australia - Perth Region

Sounds dodgy.

What is going on with those bars?

Feel like I’ve seen that picture before. Pretty sure this is bullshit.

One thing is for sure, it’s an old photo. Posted April, 2010. I found another site that had that image posted in 2008.

Chopped Nitto’s I think. It’s a very Japanese thing to do, which is another reason why I think it’s dodgy. Happy to be proven otherwise. Looks like the picture is straight from google.

Ianhuman beat me to it.

plus they seem incapable of getting google maps to post to the correct location, hence the red hill ACT/Western Australia fuck up…

Here’s the real owner’s Flickr page: [Bike Check] Panasonic Fixie | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

…says he had it for two years, then it looked like this:

100% weapons grade bullshit

lol not the first time i’ve seen gumtree adds with pics of bikes that look nothing like the actual bikes for sale!

Found this on Flickr after searching “red Panasonic track bike”…

Everyone beat me to it.

I used ‘fixie’ in order to yield more results.

Opps wrong bike.