Nice Pinarello...No Aus Posting

Someone needs to convince this guy to post to Australia…or I need to learn French.

CADRE PINARELLO //// CAMPAGNOLO en vente sur (fin le 24-déc.-10 20:30:12 Paris)

He has Australia mentioned on his postage chart there.

Anyway, I wonder if the guy won’t deliver to Australia because of me. About two years ago I won a set of Nuovo Record cranks from him. However, he sent me one Nuovo Record arm and one C-Record arm - they weren’t even the same length!! I let him know and he told me to send them back and he’d fix it up and refund the extra postage cost.

Fast forward a month, he’s only returned one email, saying he was on holiday and his son had received the package and he’d fix it up when he returned… Never heard from him again, despite sending dozens of emails. The whole time I’d naively trusted him and now I was out over 80 Euro and had nothing to show for it and, of course, eBay refused to do anything because 60 days had passed.

So I “bought” another item and left negative feedback.

I still can’t understand why a regular seller with pretty reasonable feedback totally ripped me off like that - it seemed fairly out of character. In any case, I’m calling the guy a fuckwit and recommending nobody bother to deal with him.

TL;DR That seller ripped me off.

it says contact me for small parcels… for 2kg+ see the table…
Australie est en Zone D
So I’m guessin 50-64EUR in shipping

You win… & lost out with the purchase it seems.

Ah nuts. He’s got some rims I want. Oh well, I’ll see what his postage quote comes back as.

Btw, I was communicating with him in French the whole time. So there’s no “language barrier” excuse here.

Yeah, and he ALWAYS has something I’d like to buy. I’m regularly biting my tongue. Wouldn’t mind some of those rims myself… Or a crankset… Or some brakes…