Nice unknown track frame


Copper coating is a bit weird?

i like this. will throw down a few bids.

yeah i like it too (but won’t be bidding)

the hillman i just bought had a champion stamp also, but can’t see a serial on the bb. lugs are the same, but that doesn’t tell us much.

pretty nice though.

how’s the sellers answer to the lowball bidders question!!

Q: hey, I need a new track frame pretty quick as I was just involved in a crash totaling my old one. Would you take $200 for this one if you ended the auction early?
A: Sorry to hear you stacked your bike, maybe you should think about another form of transport that may be safer. Thanks for the offer but will let the auction run it’s course. Cheers.

The copper finish is awesome, maybe somone was going to get it chromed the decided against? I could probably squeeze to a 56 if I run plenty of post and stem…

that IS a McBain…I swear it

has similar lugs to my frame which also has a champion bottom bracket.

Mine has a serial and size stamped on it though.

brought the lulz and the public humiliation. very well played!
the bike is pretty cool too. Fyxo (or one of his associates) did one like this yeah?

Nice frame. Too big for me :frowning:

Nice. I would be a bit worried about corrosion with that finish though. You’d have to make sure not to sweat on it or use it anywhere near the sea.