Nicole Cooke retires with a bang

A great retirement speech from Nicole Cooke.

Nicole Cooke’s retirement statement in full | Sport |

While I was tempted to put this in the Lance hearts Oprah thread, I think it deserves its own space. I wonder if the UCI will try to sanction her a la Chloe Hosking for speaking out against it.

So. Good.

Thanks for posting.

Good on her. Hopefully she hangs around help the sport move forward in the right directions.

Please don’t reward people like Hamilton with money. That is the last thing he needs. Donate his literary prize and subsequent earnings from such publications to a charity. There are many places infinitely more deserving than the filthy hands of Hamilton.

I clicked this link with a hopeful fist-pump, then I saw her wearing that helmet and part of me died a little.
Wow, what a backbone.

Happier about downloading his ebook for free now.

What’s the story there?

Try this article:

Cyclist Nicole Cooke: ‘I had to say exactly how it is’ | Sport | The Guardian

Agreed on the backbone.

Absolutely amazing speech. Can’t wait for the book.
Love how she describes here wins in terms of getting some coloured t-shirts (which she really likes)
But hell - having to go to court 4 times to get paid a pittance.
And no minimum wage

TL;DR. anyone got the cliff’s notes?

she mysteriously omitted the fact that after she sacked fabio bartalucci as her doctor (‘trained’ with her for worlds and olympic wins) she never won anything of note again

nothing suss

I can’t imagine how a book she may write would be more interesting than Hamilton’s mea culpa.

Called Pat M “a dick” after he said there should be no minimum wage for female cyclists. CA fined her $200 (ironically being a reduced amount due to the fact that women cyclists don’t earn enough to pay a larger fine).

I hear you and am the last person to assume everyone is clean, but its worth noting that in that lean patch she spent a year without a team and that her palmares before she worked with Bartolucci is still significant. I may be wrong, but I seem to recall Bartolucci being cleared, which is why Sky hired him? Can’t really recall though.

bartolucci was cleared, but this is cycling - where there’s smoke there’s fire. the only reason for anyone to engage a doping doctor is for doping…

I just don’t know anymore.