night market race thurs 30th march


it’s official:

hopefully see some of you guys there. otherwise i’ll just be racing myself, for a personal best in all disciplines…

come no matter what your skill level is. it’s more of a laugh than anything serious.


I sent this to a mate at work who has a single speed.

he wants to race??

Whatdaya reckon??

Another thought!!

The VIC market is a pretty big place. How bout we meet on the corner of Peel and Vic near the man who sells the great Aussie garlic!!

yeah sure i guess so. might have to give him a handicap though for running brakes!

naw, the more the merrier :slight_smile:

ps you guys suck as editors - i misspelt ‘queensberry’ :slight_smile:

i’ll have to fix it when i get home


p.p.s everybody knows where the queen vic atm’s are, dont they? too late now anyhoo - any stragglers will have to do a loop and find us :slight_smile:


He says he’ll take the brakes off and run without em!!!

No that would be interesting!!

Is his name Ted?


What gears is everyone gonna run for this?

Any idea how far it is round the loop?

Another idea for an event would be a distance on a set gearing. Everyone on a set gear. Race it that way. It’ll put hairs on your chest!

all my tools and spare chainrings are packed, so i will be running at a dismal 18x46

therefore im looking forward to riding at the back :wink:

and im not sure how far the loop is. we’ll have to decide how many laps on the night…


I have a spare 15 or 16 you can use for the evening if you want?


Or we could do it like a crit - race on time + 3 laps for example.


im going to have a drink beforehand at the Mercat just opposite the ATM’s at the market. i’ll also be trying to figure out how this thing will work, so if you’ve got ideas, come along.

i’ll be there about 6:30 or so.



Cool. I’ll see you there.

Maybe we can combine the crit & drag race idea:

  • pair riders up at random
  • each pair does a lap (or laps) of the circuit
  • winners in each round pair up at random again (losers are knocked out)
  • repeat until there are only two left
  • final winner takes the cash (and buys everyone a drink)

If there are any cops, I don’t know you guys at all. I was just riding past :wink:

853, i really like that idea.

come by if you can at 6:30 and we can talk more about it, ie. how we can easily pair randomly etc.



I cleaned out my shed, and plan to race around in circles as a tribute to primz…GOOD LUCK TO ALL…

You are coming whatthekoon aren’t you? Not having a bike is not an acceptable excuse, or are you borrowing one of 853’s again?

I lost the thread that it was in, but love that signature:

All your bikes are now belong to us

thanks everybody! im too tired to elaborate, but it was fantastic.

duplicate any thoughts onto the front page as comments if you feel so inclined

photos up & linked from the frontpage

more good news to come!

cheers, nick

Great Pics Nick!

Here are the highlights for me:

Spuddy showing up on his fixie stunt bike with a broken chainring/crank

A bike with a welded chainring for a rear cog

Rogudubb and lats crashing at the drag races

Tristan taking the win and the $60 prize

More than 20 riders turning up

Crazy skids through an “S” turn AND over a hump

A certain someone getting so pissed, he thought I was going to kill’em for pronoucing my name wrong

Great night! Thanks to primz and good luck in Berlin.


Twas wicked night.

Rode home slowly licking my wounds!

I can move my shoulder now. Not at 7 this morning though.

Enjoyed by all me thinks.

And the parmas and the beers.

Looking forward to the next one.

C’mon…spill the beans on the night, who’s who of the board showed up. 20 people is a damm good turn-up!!! :smiley:

I’m feeling like I need a hip replacement after my spill last night, that and something to get that market-sludge out of my clothes. That stuff stinks.