night market race thurs 30th march

Primz (of course), me, roguedubb, whatthekoon, maxitaxi, lats, spuddy, Dan, Pete, Tristan, and a bunch of others I can’t name because I don’t know or I’m too hungover.


  • Spuddy’s spectacular crank suicide
  • A knobby tyred fixed MTB beat a Cannondale track bike :wink:
  • roguedubb sliding around in the market sludge (see above)
  • lats pulling out of a pedal on the start line and hitting the deck
  • more of Tristan’s impressive backward circles
  • Rick?'s amazing skids
  • Makitron’s amazing skids and crash (and great t shirts - thanks for those)
  • drinking way too much beer and being horribly hungover

Oh, and thanks to Primz’s brother Ryan for spending his evening taking some great pics for us.

Get a nice Litespeed Ti one.

Nah, I’d go carbon fibre, that way I can resell it on ebay for the original price when I need a new one.

4 days later and my shoulder still only has about 50% of normal movement!

You could always go and cry into your huge stash of Superbes.

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of sympathy here :wink:

They’ll pat me on the back and kiss it better I’m sure!!