Night Polo & BBQ - Sunday 23rd 2pm -> late

For some reason I’ve yet to fathom not everyone on here is a regular reader of the polo blog so I’m reposting here.

We’ll start at 2pm at the usual location, the lights should kick in around 5:30 and we’ll play until we stop.

There will be a bbq with food available for a gold coin, or feel free to bring your own. it’s BYOG as usual.

We’ll have a few beginners games as well, so if you’ve wanted to see what all the fuss is about this is the perfect opportunity.

hello person i have never met before and definitely not played polo with, this seems like a pretty fun event, i think i might come.

for other newcomers such as myself, you don’t need to bring a mallet, just yourself and a bike (nothing fancy, an old mountain bike seems to work for most of us, but you can probably borrow a bike if you need to). unicycles also welcome!