Nightshift eBay finds


Thought a tenner was a banjo Patterson?


Also nice vintage Kotzur tourer in West Syd


Damn, that is nice. Don’t need, but gonna watch…


i’ve always called a $5 note a Pink Lady.


Isn’t a tenner a Pavarotti


Tenner is an Ayrton Senna


So rhyming slang for some, letter-based for others…where’s the consistency, man?!

Someone said time caspule?


You’re all wrong. No idea where you got the rest of your bullshit names from, but this is what we call them round here:

Fiver is a Milli Vanilli.
Tenner is a Blue Bodge.
Twenty is a Lamington.
Fifty is a Golden Retriever.
Hundred is a Royal.


As if a twenty is anything but a lobster, and as if a fifty is anything but a pineapple.

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Somec frame. Got excited, but it’s not real:


52/54 Bianchi Pista:

Nothing special, but you get a Cinelli stem and Concor saddle if you can talk the price down.


$80 for a Reynolds 525 frame, looks like a 58? Plus shoes.

I don’t need it, happy to look at it/hold it for a week if someone wants it, it’s about 5km from me.


Colnago MTB frame:


FOA help

does this look right?

other pics of 2009 Kona Sutras ive seen look different, specifically rear stay and brake mount possie


Looks like the touring specific Sutras came with that rear stay?


ahh…nice pick up. Cheers!


200 buck Surly in Coburg

Price: $200


Geez, jump on that…


weird geo, but cheap serotta.


^ I can’t get my head around that one. Why is the stem bigger than the head tube?

Small 531 roadie for cheap might be worth a look: … 1218730274

Looks a bit Bundy to me, but that’s just a vague feeling.