Nightshift eBay finds

two for the doggo, bread is superfluous.

Tommasini Donna:

Hope you have deep pockets.

Not a bike. But discovered a whole eBay scene of art dealers who sell pieces with very suspect provenance.

Here’s a “Picasso” for a couple of grand. Seems legit.

Not sure if fb marketplace links work, but here’s a trip-triangle fixie conversion complete for $150.

Link worked for me. Someone grab that please, nice frame with some nice parts. Highly doubt the Commonwealth Games provenance, but who cares anyway.

500m away from me…happy to enable for anyone who wants it.


20 char

i just wanted to post this cos i think this is awesome

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Be interested to see what that goes for.
Could be a bargain.

It’s half awesome half hunk of shit

where’s the drum brake???

guy had it for sale previously, wants a bit for it, then took it down, got it serviced somewhere & is back up for sale…seller seems to not know s whole lot about bikes

Yeah I think I saw it on Facebook, a weird post about him servicing it.

LOL. Yep. Nailed it.
That stem is really something. And with those aero bars :ok_hand:

The drum brake is on the rear hub along with a 3 speed IGH and seven speed cassette. Combine that with the triple upfront and it has 63 gear combos !

It’s like the rear wheel came from a tadpole recumbent.

not sure what these go for, but $350 seems pretty ok. Cannondale bad boy SS, size M

look sweet, what’s up with his pedals, looks like a dentists torture implement