Nightshift eBay finds

weird geo, but cheap serotta.

^ I can’t get my head around that one. Why is the stem bigger than the head tube?

Small 531 roadie for cheap might be worth a look: … 1218730274

Looks a bit Bundy to me, but that’s just a vague feeling.

I don’t quite understand what’s going on here…

The chainrings, the brake cable pinch bolts, the steerer sleeve, the riser stem. There’s a lot to unpack.

Maybe Paconi complete track bike for a good price:

Small On-One Pomp with Phil Wood to Open Pro’s - $350 in Darwin
Frame has a decent dent but worth it just for the wheelset!


picked these up for $70. Perfect fit, like brand new!

Sweet. Welcome to FOA!

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Haha cheers I’ve been here for a while. Had to create a new account moving to the new format as my recovery email is loooong gone.

with that kind of username, surely a Perth boy.

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Nice looking KHS frame if you’re tall:

For those on Facey, cheap gravel/tourer with bucketload of parts:

Nice looking Alan.

Is a $600 Pomp any good?

seems a bit steep for a pomp…

Probably trying to recoup the cost of that crankset…

Edit. They don’t seem to be as expensive any more. Has been a while since I’ve looked at anything BMX related.

From the same seller

Someone just cleared out a garage that hasn’t been touched since 2007

Looks like it might clean up nicely.

Medium-Large Karate Monkey, with SS setup and a spare rear wheel with a cassette for $1600.

^ do want!

whats M/L ? about a 56? 180cm height ?