Nightshift eBay finds

FIND me a Trek 520 in a 58cm…

I kept looking back at that 'dale. If in Melbs, would be in my shed.

And that Faggin man…


Can go pick it up for you (half hour away from my place down the M1), box it up and ship it down to Melbs…

Hey thanks Geoff, I appreciate it, but now snot the time for me and 'dale.


I’m just an enabler …

1985 Schwinn LE Tour Luxe Vintage Road Bike in Hoppers Crossing, VIC | eBay

1980 Vintage Trek Touring Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia South Perth Area - Kensington | 1053354309

700c, phattest tyres you can fit and fenders. if you cant grow a beard after that knit one

Maaaaaaaaaaan, that Le Tour would fit for what I’m after. But can’t afford to buy the whole thing. Dammit.

what are you after? a roughly Joel Garner sized frame?
I can hook you up with a graecross superpacer with caliper brakes that’ll reach either 27" or 700c rims for not much at all (like a 6 pack) if you are interested, should do reasonably phat and fenders despite caliper
I’m in melbs though

was tempted for the letour. would the canti brakes work with 700c rims?

I’m looking for something that will take canti’s specifically, something up to a 32, and guards. On second look the Schwinn is probably a cm or two too long in the TT to be comfortable.

@ icecream depends on the exact stud placement, there is only 4mm in it between 27" and 700c though.
with specific cantis on it you rotate the pads down as well as move them in the slot so you’d have a good chance

My Nishiki Olympic 12 - originally 27" - fits 700c x 35mm and SKS Longboards with Tektro long reach calipers. Sweet as.

Can we all use this thread for bikes that probably don’t warrant their own thread? Cheap, small triple triangle that might be worth a look: MENS TRIATHLON BIKE | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Ipswich South - Tamborine | 1052728554

^ those bars warrant their own thread ;p

I’d love to know how small, maybe I’ll call him.

ripped jeans, skin was showin’

Not sure if posted before.

Vintage Bicycle Collection OF 6 Rare Bicycles FOR Sale ALL MY Rare Racers | eBay

From a legend seller