Nightshift eBay finds

Did the same, hopefully works out. If your ears start burning in the next few days you know it didn’t :laughing:

Nothing sus here: Just a cheap Zipp wheelset where the seller is a new profile with 13 friends and doesn’t know anything about the wheels. “Hoping the pictures describe what you need to know”


Nothing to do with me, someone might be interetested. Pretty cheap. Located Gold Coast.

Don’t think there’s anyone here into French carbon.

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I’m about to sully up the french carbon thread with some italian carbon.

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Just need some long reach v-brakes for the rear and it would be mint

Pretty nice xl vintage Miyata in southern Syd.

$10 starting bid!

Kumo in Ballarat.

mmmm rare. that 650B gravel shredder of his is one of my fav bikes of all time

Nice and cheap Soma mixte frameset in small/medium in Melbourne.

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Cheapiesh hooligan on the Gold Coast