Ninth most searched for term.....

…that led people to FOA??

^ That Polly, such a card.

Well what were the other eight before that?

Does that mean that 76 people searched on that term? Awesome.

This should probably go in true confessions - but years ago I stumbled upon FOA while on a search for a dick-shaped stem. Never got the stem, but I found some other stems in the super rad trading section, and a lot of dicks (in the pejorative but non-sexual), and I never looked back.


the 8 before it weren’t anywhere near as funny, but the top one that was identifiable was the 2013 River Loop Time Trial. Was that sydney or brisbane?

So good, so good

That was brisbane rolly,
I guess we are just pretty cool up here and people want in

well i had a swell time when i was there, probs keen to follow my lead and stuff…

Can you post the other 8? Or the top 10?

almond milk granitas lolz



Where is ‘Aerospoke’? How times have changed.