Nipple lube

Yes yes. Nipple lube.

What brand/type do people use for wheel builds?
Is standard bike grease ok. Or should I use some type of oil? Also been told to use loctite?



Don’t use grease. Or loctite.

Some old school builders use a very light coating of very light oil on the spoke threads.

Me, I use automotive anti-sieze (a copper-based paste) on the spoke threads - lubes the spokes on the way in and prevents seizing later. There is a similar product specially for spoke threads called “spoke prep”, which is similar to what I use. The auot anti-sieze is much much cheaper.

old school = light oil

Another Olde Tymey tip: Dip spoke threads in boiled linseed oil.

Lubes upon building, dries out and acts as a light thread lock after.

I did this for my first set of wheels. They’re still round FWIW.

Read others talking about linseed oil. I’m going to go that way.

Thanks for the ideas.

7 bucks for half a litre. Reackon I’ll use about 10mils!! At least it’s cheap.

Picked up a 3 mm syringe at the chemist for application.

Or you could just stick the spokes in the tin.

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I use a loctite medium strength stick on the threads and a pen oiler on the nipple/spoke hole.

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i used olive oil for the hell of it… it actually stunk after a while. i regretted it. i’m going to use linseed next. thanks for starting this thread!
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My two cents lube with wet lube like finish line just the spoke ends then use Dt spoke freeze at the end of the build it’s a kind of light loctite that can cut through the lube to lock the spoke in place but can be moved again with a spoke key. But it can be hard to move the nipples again if no lube has be used. It is good to use on jump bikes and mtb’s when a bad flat landing can de-tension a wheel really quickly.