Nishiki "The Aero" Classic road bike

Nishiki “The Aero” Classic road bike (eBay item 180690542117 end time 13-Jul-11 15:29:29 AEST) : Sport


user GOOZ on here has one of these frames, branded as a gordonson.

Also one of my mates i ride with has a gordonson branded one as well. He’s has Shimano Positron running gear, with the same aero “legs” brake calipers lol


WA frame builder - have seen a few Aeros he made with DA down to Armadais

^^ correct!

i found a Gordonson frame on the side of the road and built it up with spares and flogged it off lol

Yeah It’s a great frame, haven’t seen any other Aeros. ^Yeah saw your black one on Gumtree, noice.
Wish I had enough cash to buy this, love it.

nah that one i built was so bodgy

The one i have seen was terrible.
Heavy, ugly, just not nice.
Cant remember what make it was though.