Nisihki Olympic 12 commuter/ light tourer/pub bike

road bike classic repco touring/ commuting | eBay

Looks a lot like my Apollo branded Kuwahara, which is a surprisingly sweet ride.
What’s the word on Suntour ARX?

I had on of these nishikis in mid 80’s. Exact same just smaller. Wish I ztill had it.

Im no expert, but ARX was more of a utility group that sourced parts from other manufacturers. Brakes are dia compe, cranks were probably sugino, stem and seat post were SR, shifters and mechs were suntour. Pretty sure they were going with similar collaborations they had in the past but not actually branding the parts as suntour, the only cross branding was ARX.

As above. ARX was early 80’s, recreational parts.