Nitto ADB125?

Has anyone ever seen these before? (No pic, can provide if there’s interest.)

They’re like B125AAs, but have a flattened top section (aero!).

Clamp sleeve has ADB125 Duralumin 14S-T4 on one side and Nitto Aerodynamics on the other.

Google turns up nothing except ADB-X drops with a forward sweep on the flats.

Neat bars, but I don’t think the flats provide much benefit except for cruising around on the tops.

Are these the ADB-X’s?

Short drop and long hooks…interesting

I really want some of these.

ah i’ve been wondering what these are called!

Can’t see your images, but these are the ADB-X:
ADB 975978

Mine are B125 shaped track drops with the flattened top section like the ADB-X has.

i want some so bad.

Contacted Matt Eberle (Kookie) and he’s not heard of them. I’d like to know what the the drop and reach measure and what widths are available, and where to get some if the sizes check out.

Will make further enquiries.

I assume they’re the same as B125s, but I’ll measure and let you know. I’m guessing they’re not made anymore, and I don’t think many ever were seeing as the interweb doesn’t say anything. Haven’t taken off the 2nd layer of tape to see if they’re also NJS.

PS, they’re these ones :smiley:

Bars - track drops, measure 40cm c-c on the hooks. Don’t know the brand 'cos they’re wrapped, but probably not crap.

Definitely not crap.

The stem is far too long for me though. “110mm” Nitto Pearl, more like ~125mm C-C.

it was “120mm Nitto Pearl”,5963.0.html


According to some bloke named Tullio “Nitto’s method of measuring the length of the stem extension is a bit different than most. Compared to other brands’ sizing, their stems are about 0.7 cm longer than the listed size”

Yeah, but your eyesight’s terrible. You thought it was a Suntour hub. :lol:

I’m sure the stem is marked 110, but my eyes & mind could be conspiring against me.

Most stem manufacturers measure centre-to-centre along the top surface of the stem extension. Nitto measure c2c along the centre-line of the stem extension, generally about 0.7 cm longer.

Sad but true :cry:

Seems my Google-fu is weak. ADB125AA is all I needed to search by. Would be nice to have the Crystem to match (because a non-detachable faceplate stem is a pain to work with)

These are the bars that I have, 40cm wide:


they look pretty hawt

I got a pair of ADB125’s !

Has “Clamp sleeve has ADB125 Duralumin 14S-T4 on one side and Nitto Aerodynamics on the other.” :mrgreen: