Nitto crystemblue whats it worth?

Hey guy’s I have a nitto cyrstemblue stem I might be looking at selling, I’ve been searching the internet to find out how much it might be worth too no avail. Anyone got an idea?


From Velobase

“From what research I have been able to do, this appears to be from the same era as the Shimano AX groups, and the early years of the Aerodynamic movement in cycling. Nitto also made an “Aerodynamic” bar which I’m fairly certain is also on VeloBase which these stems were often paired with. I have also seen these pantographed with a couple of different Japanese builder’s names, including 3Rensho. This example was on eBay recently with a starting bid of $200, however received no bids and was relisted by the seller.”

Its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it…

Take some good photos, stick it on eBay with a good description, use fixie, NJS, track (etc) in the title, list it as RARE Nitto Crystem Blue and offer worldwide postage. These stems are quite sought after, so you should make some moneyz.

eBay Gem: Nitto Crystemblue Stem - PROLLY IS NOT PROBABLY

Man i fucking love those stem’s and the matching bars. want it so bad. would i pay a stupid amount of money for it? no.

Because I could just buy another couple of matching nitto stems to my current set up and leave bars in them permanently and swap quill/bar combo at will which negates the benefit of the removable face plate.

Post some pics up anyway :slight_smile:

What condition is it in? I’d definately have a bid

This would be the ultimate stem/bar combo for my tange aero track frame

This. I have drops, risers and bullhorns permanently in quill stems, so easy to just swap the bar and stem as a whole.

What aero track frame is that?

You would still need to find the Nitto H-bars. Oddly, the stem has a 25.4 clamp but the bars are 26.0. They were made to work with the Dura-Ace hidden bolt stems…about the only bar outside of the Shimano stable that did…at the time.

I have a NOS set in black…

Nitto ADB-X bars on Ben’s.

This is the dream…

^^ all sorts of awesome.

Oh yeah, forgot about that one.

i giv u $20 dollar for da stem. only if blue top plate

With he matching bars they are such a pimp setup…

All of the nitro ‘crystal’ stuff is a bit porn.

I have a ‘crystal fellow’ stem one of my dumb mates took a big chunk out of it though…
The one bolt ‘crystal fellow’ posts are totally hawt too.

ben, i want first dibs if you ever sell that aero frame.

such bike porn.

I gots the ADB-125 AA Bars on the Colossi. 26.0 clamp. My favourite bar for sure.

That stem you got yourself is somewhat a rarity as most people have said, in all honesty get yourself some good photos, list internationally on ebay and get a good description up. That’s the best way to get the most outta selling it for sure.

Learn something everyday about obscure collectable pista components