Nitto factory tour video

Our eternal theme is to make a metal product lighter than ever


Great video. I love the desire for improvement they have

No bullshit there, just all passion.

Italy= passion
Japan= precision?

Yeah, you’re right, and definitely no bullshit. I think the italians are good at churning out the shit. People will buy it if it is italian after all.

I would tend to disagree. Japanese have a lot of passion for their craftmanship, but just aremore eloquent in their modesty than Italians.

Anti carbon Much?

Japanese, Italian…Passion, precision…Pfffft It’s all just people talking up there product whenever the opportunity arises.

Dunno why all the comparison to Italian products. IMO Nitto have made far better products of this type than anything ever to come out of Italy … and continue to do so.

truly the arms manufactures of the fixie urban armageddon.

What’s kind of amazing is that you watch the video of the factory, the production line and the uniformed workers, it could literally be the 1950’s- nothing has changed!

Never worked in a factory, horatio?

I have actually.

My point was the feel of this:

Is quite different to this (Campagnolo):

I love the Japanese work ethic.

I’d hate to actually work there.

It’d wear thin pretty quick if you had to actually adhere to it in comparison to ours. Mythology based marketing for lazy westerners who complain about archaic work practices if we tried it here.


Alot of pressure, loong hours, sick days frowned upon unless you are in actually in hospital, large portion (i.e 1/3rd in some cases) of salary bonus based in conjunction with ‘attendance’, few holidays, and quite a ‘job-for-life’ type culture = stress.

But Nitto do make nice stuff.

We went to a Patagonia store and were talking to the guy that worked there. He asked where we were from and when we said Australia he was excited. He said how he visited Sydney and how much he loved it. I asked what he loved about Sydney and Australia so much, his response was how everyone finishes work at 5 and can go home to their families and go to the park. He said that everyone in Japan just works, and works late.

Obviously not everyone in Australia work from 9 to 5 and that’s it, but it made me realise that we haven’t pretty good in Australia.

Sounds shit house!

Horatio: I get you know… most of my experience in factories are of the Nitto type.

What Campy show is quite different but that’s just one part of their factory … I’m sure more of the work they sub out is of the old school type.

Interesting to read how many here acknowledge different work practices overseas. I say this because I’m doing a cost-compare analysis and from the survey’s and questions I’ve asked of people so far also seem to indicate the same awareness but except when it comes to putting a price or cost of something made locally, 99.9% of the time Oz consumers will opt for the cheaper item even when knowing it means being made by workers under conditions the buyer wouldn’t think fair to subject themselves or others to.

Similar story years ago when I tried making t-shirts and apparel but using sustainable materials & fairly paid overseas labour. People in Oz say they care and sound supportive until you tell them the price …by their buying behaviour they are clearly not interested if it affects their hip pocket.

Buying Australian made t-shirts to print on is so expensive. The labour (screen printing etc) isn’t that much, but the cost of the shirts is the real sting.