Nitto Front Rack - I'd rock it

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anyway, those racks are pretty good, in that i rekon you could attach a tray to them and make a potuer rack quite cheaply. would love to know where to get em.

Won’t work … not sturdy enough. Porteur rack quite cheaply usually results in sorry fella’s I drop the slab of beer. The Nitto rack pictured is quite handy for lots of things though and can be mounted on the front or back with p-clamps to the fork or chainstays. Rivendell sell them.

A proper porteur rack has extra beef and thicker gauge steel tubing to handle the weights it’s expected to carry. The best bang for buck is the one from velo orange.

It helps a great deal to have a bike designed for load carrying too but within reason any bike can be expected to carry a moderate load and still handle well. A purpose built bike carries the extra weight and handles better when doing so.

Below is a Porteur race from back in the day Paris. The Porteur earnt quite good money as there were many issues of Newspaper’s printed each day, they had a good union going and they were the fastest most efficient means of delivery by far. Many pro level riders did it so to log up training miles and their salaries depending on the runs they had would equal or better that of any professional that was deskbound. It really was a prize job and the bikes they rode were perfectly balanced that had to be all weather machines. Original Porteur bikes command quite a price today.

Lastly, Anyone that poo-poo’s racks on bikes really needs a serve … they’re great and make using a bike so much more handy and practical. Once you’ve tried it you’ll consider a bag or backpack just plain dumb.

not NJS, not worth it.

because you always ride keirin in japan?

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No, because he has a sense of humour.

so i guess thats the last we hear from you then…

Spirito, it might not be a proper porteur rack, but have you seen what Rivendell have done with the porteur addon for Nitto Mark’s Rack? Not capable of carrying a heavy load, but a nice platform extension nonetheless.

I have a Nitto M12 waiting for the right bike and the basic canti mount rack that Abbotsford sell on my Cross Check.

yeah shortsie what the fuck would you know about racks, its not like your old housemate is king of racks or anything :wink:

Thats rad!
My next bike will have a rack. I dont exaclty know what I’ll carry in it, but the idea of one impresses me. When I was in The Haag with my girlfriend visiting her parents, they had rack bikes. So good. Thay carried all sorts of things on it.

Anyone that poo-poo’s racks on bikes really needs a serve



Front racks are apparently somewhat fashionable in the fixie world right now, or so I’ve heard. Real bike messengers actually sometimes use them for delivering stuff…


That’s quite a nifty work around and it seems that it would add quite bit more rigidity for heavier loads. I also like the kit-like adaptability or transformation depending on what you’re needs are. Versatility is always good. Very cool :wink:

Not sure what would be better; to be the king of racks or the king of rack?

and that King was using my girlfriends rack. oh shit.

He’s right you know. As soon as I saw the cetma in action it made perfect sense and I had to have one. Shortsie’s better half kindly lent me hers for the 8 million years it took that slack bastard to get his shit together and make mine. That nitto looks poifeckt for a 6pack to me. But I guess that’s how I view everything. My rack’ll do two slabs while my pac designs will only do a slab with room around the edges for a couple of whisky bottles.

Front racks ftw!

Letting the obvious girlfriend’s rack jokes slide right passed nearly killed me. Took three drafts to get rid of the accidental ones even.

— I’ll never forgive you for the way you handled my girlfriends rack.

— I hope you didnt go and sweat all over my girls rack.

— The town bike has an awesome rack.

— I wish you’d stop staring at my girls rack.

i cant stop!