nitto seatpost / mks rx-1 pedals

Nitto Track bike seatpost Fixie / pista - eBay Universal Parts, Parts, Cycling, Sport. (end time 20-Jun-10 11:31:16 AEST)

Track Bike Pedals pista / fixie - eBay Road Bike Parts, Parts, Cycling, Sport. (end time 20-Jun-10 11:22:19 AEST)

decent prices for these items.



no probs! would’ve snapped it up myself if it weren’t .2mm too wide.

Lovely, lovely posts. Now I have a pair of them.

seller is manbau on this forum, i did some stalking…

Certainly is. A good trader all 'round.

Was tossing up wether to try again and list them here but being self diagnosed ADHD I can’t wait 2 or 3 days for my for sale posts to be accepted . I would have listed them cheaper here but factored in the costs for Ebay . If anyone on this forum is interested in the pedals I have on ebay and the XL clips are to big, I’ll throw in a new pair of medium double clips for free.
Enjoy the post Blakey , it was fitted to the green Ken (post your ride ) I had for about 4 weeks and never ridden ,then removed and in a box since.
The white rolls that was on it was also never ridden and can be had for $65 deilvered

Pedals pending payment , seat gone.