nitto stem help


I was fitting a nitto jaguar stem to my new build but when i’d i’d tighten the bolt the wedge would fall out into the fork… either the wedge or the bolt is fucked. anyone know if/where/how i can get a replacement bolt and/or bolt?

i remember on one saturday morning ride pete had a problem with his stem and nick came to the rescue…

ok, found them overseas. would like to find a local source, though…

That seems strange. Does that mean the wedge won’t stay on the stem at all? Even when it’s not in the fork?

If the wedge is aluminium it can be easy to strip the thread with the steel bolt, on cheaper stems.

But isn’t the Jaguar all steel?

Anyway, sounds like either the bolt or the wedge is stripped. Figure out which one and get a replacement. Shouldn’t be hard to find. I think they’re pretty much all the same, apart from wierdos like Shimano AX/aero stems.

sweet, thanks. i’ll have a better look tonight, but i think the wedge is alu.