NJS beater

This build started out with a Master Sports frame bought for about $12
Alot of surface rust and what was left of the original paint and decals was removed with a steel wool drill bit (attached to a drill), some sandpaper and alot of elbow grease. Rattle can paint job followed, leaving the lugs and fork crown exposed and clear coated.
I had the original intention of building a beater but I ended up giving all my scrappy parts and wheelset to a friend for his first conversion. A few months passed and I ended up fitting it out with some nicer components. It’s a tad small for me and a longer seat post will probably make things a little more comfortable. Apart from that it’s already had three rides out in some very wet Adelaide weather and performed quite well. Cheers to Kym at North Adelaide Cycles for his help

58cm Master Sports road frame
Velocity Chukkers to Origin hubs
Sugino RD-2 Messenger crankset 46t, and BB
Old Crank Bros eggbeater pedals
San Marco Rolls saddle
Sakae FX seatpost (soon to be swapped out)
Hatta Swan njs headset
Nitto Jaguar Pro njs stem 120mm
Nitto RB-021 pursuit bars
Izumi V njs chain
Dura ace njs 15t cog and DA njs lockring

nice ride dude!

im building a ss/fixie beater

what’s the MAster Sports frame like as im currently looking at the same frame?

nice idea with the lugs =)

were the pursuit bars powdercoated or spraypainted? Coz they don’t come in black do they?

cheers guys.
@fresco the frame was a bit of a rust bucket when i got it but its thick steel tubing and most of it came right off. It’s a nice strong frame no doubt about it.

@sir.true the pursuit bars do come in black they’re just harder to find and a tad more expensive, same story for the njs stem, just a little bit rarer. The place I bought them just had a restock Nitto RB021 Pursuit handle bar (bullhorn) BLACK 38cm - $79.00 : Track Supermarket - NJS/Keirin track/fixed gear bikes, frames, and parts from Japan