NJS Export

Hey does anyone have experience with these guys?
They have some real nice frames and some are pretty good in price. Im worried that they may just be standard frame with badges and paint to mimic the originals… Im considering buying a frame off here but dont want to find myself out of pocket for something that isnt what it claims.
link here

I haven’t bought anything personally, but they seem legit, i wouldn’t even question it myself personally, do they have paypal as an option to pass your monies? If so don’t hesitate IMO

yeh be confident, this is one of the most popular places to buy second hand keiren parts and frames.

which one where you looking at?

Really?? You think they repainted and rebadged non-njs frames? The seller is located in Japan dude, I hear Keirin is pretty popular over there!

I’ve bought handlebars, a helmet, clothing from them. Great service just sometimes a little slow to reply to emails.

A mate just bought a complete off there a week ago. Arrived today. He even got them to swap cranks for him!

+1, good blokes.



All of the above. Gabriel is da man…

Yeah I’ve bought a tonne of stuff off them. Would not hesitate to buy a frame either as the parts are always packed carefully.

have bought from gabe before, good guys

Just purchased an Eimei and awaiting delivery. Will let you know in a few days.

Usually in a generous amount of Japanese newspaper, which adds to the authenticity.

I wish I was a little shorter. I’d buy the 59cm San Rensho mmmm…


I’ve dealt with Gabe before. Top bloke

Awesome guys thanks for the positive feedback :slight_smile:
Ive got my eye on either the eimei yellow/blue or the anchor light green.
keen to hear about your eimei when it comes through!

Handsome James bought a Georama from them while he was in Japan, they shipped it to his hotel in Tokyo and it arrived the next day.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Japanese Post is just crazy. I left my glasses in Nagoya and my friend shipped them to me to a small ski village about 800kms away, package arrived the next morning. Also I once placed an order with Gabriel and an order with someone in Melbourne, both packages left the same day, Japan won.

oh snap! gotta see this