NJS Peloton Gumtree

Hi guys,

saw this on gumtree + have seen it posted in a thread before…

Fixie PELOTON NJS Track Frame | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Heidelberg

I’m eyeing it off, however, I don’t know anything about rust, and was wondering if you guys could tell me if this is a ‘past-it’ frame…?

I read on a forum if the paint is flaking and there’s rust underneath the frame is on it’s last legs… can anyone confirm/deny this?

This photo in particular concerns me…

Any help would be appreciated.

Also feel free to buy it if you want it… I haven’t called dibs or anything, and you guys probably deserve it more than me seeing as how I can’t even tell if it’s a good deal or not.

Someone posted it in a one of my ‘wanted’ threads. I didn’t buy it for the same reason as your concern. Judging from the photos, that rust looks a bit heavier than the normal surface rust that can be removed easily.