NJS Super market

anyone shop here: http://njsframes.blogspot.com/

yeah people do.

why ?

I have been looking on it for the past few weeks and only just questioned what dollar the price is in? aus dollar or shitty us or even Japanese??? :?


was much better when it was 99 US cents to the Aussie dollar

What for all of 30 seconds.

I go to Japan in 5 weeks and I transferred some money when $1 AUD = ¥100.04 JPY. FTW! :smiley:

AUD is really good against the GBP right now
any sites in the UK selling good crank sets?

www.Londonfgss.com, they have a classifieds section like here, but they might not want to post internationally.

Or Wiggle.

Or try ebay.co.uk and see if there’s any UK stores on there.

thanks, i’ve already tried londonfgss.com
it surely can’t be that hard to find campy 165 mm pista cranks!
but eBay is barren.

you can get a set of miche primato cranks from wiggle for like AU$190.

which campy 165mm pista cranks were you after? i know somebody that has some of the old style ones, and they may be persuade to part with them. pm me.

My stuff from the supermarket should be here this week :smiley: Easy to deal with and a pretty good price even though the $ is up the creek.

i like this one better:


bit more ghetto, cheaper, nice guys…

my stuff came in 3 days, two of which were the weekend!

i brought a bunch of stuff from njs supermarket around a year ago when the dollar was stronger. great service and fast shipping, rene is a super nice guy and is originally from melbourne.