no. 1 reason why clothing stores shouldn't be allowed to sell bikes

count the ways…

Fork are backward.

Bars are backwards.

1- Back brake!

2- brake lever on wrong side

3- running a Brake!!!


so is seatpost,

back brake only, lever on right

it’s ugly

Seat post backward and at an angle to prevent you from ever having children.

This has got to be a joke right?

wheres the image from?

Converge clothing

i wish i could of been there whilst who ever was putting it together.

i hope it was a team of people and they got into an argument about how to build it up.

beat me to it.

At least the tyre labels are matched up with the valves and it has good chain tension.

one more thing reflectors eww!

anyway, it’s either a joke, or… bikesnob baiting, new sport of advertising departments everywhere.

…something more sinister.

like stupidity.

maybe they’re just advertising it’s barspinnability :roll:

they seemed to get the matte black version a little more correct

There was a whole thing on LFGSS about that (same image). If they were showing it’s barspinnability, the would’ve just had the bars, stem and forks turned around, like this:

I think it was just set up by absolute morons.

the dude on the front page of the ‘mens’ section looks like JLN not ZLTN

Nah, he looks more like Cam aka Aquaman.

he looks like the love symbol formerly known as ‘Jolan.’ and that is final