no. 2

I’ve been riding my current bike for just over a year now, and after explaining it to a few people, I thought i might as well put up some pictures of how it came about.

The Frame was built by a good mate Hugh. He’d built his own frame a few months earlier and was keen for a new ‘project’ at the same time that I was in need of a Frame. so we ordered the tubes and lugs and then set up in his back shed and put ‘number 2’ together.

I think we gave ourselves 2 months or something to get it done - in the I ended up riding it out of the shed roughly 8 months later. (I say we, but basically Hugh did all the hard, tricky stuff and I did A LOT of filing and passing tools and all the ‘work experience’ kinda jobs)

Hugh was also keen to see if he could build internal cabling into it, which is why I’ve got the strange combination of internal cabling and track drop outs.

Anyway - I’ll try take a few close up shots of the finished frame (when I manage to clean the thing)

Below are the tubes, fresh from the box.

The plans…

getting a dropout down to size - also quite a few bad work practices going on there too… at least I managed to find some gloves I guess…

Below are the drop out once we’d fixed some stainless on to them

This is what a bottom bracket looks like straight after you’ve attached everything. lot of cleaning up to do there… (which was my job, after Hugh had done the fun stuff with the oxy)

Starting to take shape…

Absolutely no idea what I’m doing here - (probably had less idea at the time)

drops done…

here’s the finished product - there’s a lot more that happend later on in the process but I’ve got no idea where the photo’s are.

Frame has held up well, over the last year and half or so - we had an issue with the back stays splaying out too close to the bottom bracket so the chain-ring was rubbing against it, fixed that with a hammer from memory… anyway, other than that - it’s been perfect!

very nice work.

that’s fuggin sik!!!

respect! that’s a good effort! :-o

That’s fucking awesome Chaz.

Nice work Chaz! Would you do another one?

Wish I had a shed/welding skills/gloves/spare time to do something like this.

Fucking rad.

Wish I had bike-building skillz.

Yeah - would love to do another one, was a lot of fun, though there was a lot of head scratching and general confusion - plus every problem always seems to breed two more problems, but I guess that’s the fun of it.

can’t see myself getting a chance to do another one any time soon though (number 3 will take a while yet, and I’ve got no real need for a new frame)

Na, you don’t need any - just find a mate who has some!

I didn’t know that was a hand built job…explains the mad skid you gave me that one time…must be your geometry :wink:

So i dropped by Hugh’s the other night and thought I’d put up some blurry photo’s of his progress with ‘number 3’

that ‘3’ on the bb is awesome :sunglasses:

This thread should be stickied +++

man, where did you order the tubing/lugs from? i wanna do this real bad.

according the Hugh - from here: - Good luck!

Where did you get that rear mudguard from… nice and simple lines.

It’s a Zefal Flamingo isn’t it