No Frills Bike Swap - 14 October

I’m getting things together for a “No Frills” bike swap on Sunday 14 October. Will be 10am - noon. Coffee, BBQ, selling/buying bike stuff. Nice and simple. It’s going to be on the northside. More details soon.

i have some frills that i would like to sell though…

Bike frills encouraged. Lace garments can be kept for a suitcase rummage.

Details up online now: No Frills Bike Swap.

It’s at Jack Speare Park, Indooroopilly, just off the River Loop.

Facebook page is now up for the event. Head there for latest re: weather/preferred sausage choice.

How did this go?

I was dead keen to get down to this, but got caught up in family around the house stuff.

Was a fun day. It was a swap meet in the true sense of the word. Lots of stall holders buying stuff. A Few bargains to be had. I liked the no frills set-up. Much less work to organise. Looking at doing maybe 2 per year (one Feb/March the other Oct/Nov) with Pushies sandwiched in-between. Write-up on the day here.

Was awesome Gav. Good location, out of the way and plenty of shade!

yeah the shade was tops. plenty of parking too.

Great photos. I am kicking myself for not getting to this having missed Pushie’s as well. I need a heap of gear and have a heap of gear. Doh!

Oh well, Feb / March it is then!