NO FRILLS Swap Meet [March 2016]

First swap for the year. ‘NO FRILLS’, same place as always.

Kurilpa Kindy - gates at 10am.





just dont get wasted the night before hand m8

oh geez…

im coming to hang not to sell for the first time in history


Ha Ha! you were so dusty on the last one

#allthethings, with prices, inc the classic goods you think nobody would want.

Any further info for buyers and sellers, I haven’t been to one of these before and I’m after some bits and have some bits.

Set-up will be along lines of the November swap:

Stalls are $10/spot for sellers.

Space is limited and there is no parking on site. Helpers will be on hand to assist with unloading gear.

No spare tables, BYO table or blanket.

Gates open for sellers from 9 am.

Open to the public at 10 am.

No trading before 10 am.

No need to pre-book your spot.

Yo gban… got any conversation/goss around Pushies Galore and the whole “on hold till further notice” thingzz…

We’re taking a break from the main event this year, due to a few things. 5 Pushies down as of last year. There are a few things in the works at this stage. We will be running our normal swap calendar with No Frills in 2016. Will announce some more stuff as the year progresses.

But walking past at 9:45am and saying “I’ll grab that at 10am” is fine…

yeah totally, as long as no cash changes hands right?


This Sunday.

Mouldy’s got some prep work to do.