no more HTC

sign of the times?

HTC-Highroad Disbands After Failed Sponsor Search |

So Cav will have to change teams I guess…

aren’t there whispers that he was already heading to team sky?

he confirmed he has already signed but not for who.

As an aside. Cam and Travis Meyer, plus Jack Bobridge have all signed with Greenedge.

pro tour news will be comming thick and fast this coming week.

This is sad IMO - one of the most respected teams in the peloton, which was regarded as being one of the most ethical gone.

Good news for Sky - they can now pick up Renshaw as well as Cav.
Good news for Green Edge - there is now an extra licence floating around, which may just add a bit to there ability to attract riders who were previously afraid of a Pegasus 2.0

It’s a worry that one of the top teams is unable to find a sponsor.


Speaking of Green Edge, thisis super exciting! I wonder if Green Edge will get an entry into Tour Down Under?

They will win the TDU. Claiming it here first.
Question will be which of the major tours will they ride. Also signed teklehaymanotwhich is awesome.

Yes but also not that surprising, they had already lost Velits, Cav was almost definitely out the door, possibly Goss also, so any sponsor would have to understand that they were not going to be as successful. And even though they were known as extremely anti-doping there is still the spectre of doping hanging over the sport that can make sponsors jitterish.
Stapleton has said that they are going to try to continue the women’s team, which is good for obvious reasons but also because it may be something for him to build off in later years for another team.

GreenEDGE will be riding Scott apparently.
GreenEDGE Unveil Their 2012 Machines |

the Scott tt bikes always make me a little happy in my pants

They should ride Australian bikes, like Malvern Star or De Ver…maybe not

nah baums!

Ken’s back sort of, he only needs to build 20 odd

Lets smash em on steel. Jack killing it on MAX that’s what i want to see. even just for the cobbles :wink:

I hope this isn’t the end for cav and renshaw.

It’s unusual for pro cyclists to die after their contract expires.


I didnt write that properly…
I was trying to say it could be then end of cav and renshaw riding together… and its obviously the end of the HTC train… which was very exciting.