No more Wiggle parcels to work says your boss!

New office game: pass on parcels

i could have a fucking elephant delivered to my work and my boss wouldn’t notice. have often had mates get their stuff delivered to my work too.

qft. Two wheelboxes showed up at the same time once, and not an eyelid was batted, nor a single fuck given.

Didn’t realise you were into fucking elephants.

I’ve had two wheelsets, three frame sets, four mobile phones, six dining chairs(!) and various other items posted to my work with no problems.

I’m lucky though, that all parcels from couriers go to reception, then I get an email and I pick the parcel up. Also, my local post office is open 'til 5.30, so it’s no real issue getting stuff sent to my house.

thats good to hear Jono, that new Felt TK3 of mine will be turning up to your desk this coming week, from EvansCycles! Cheers bud!

yep. lucky work were ok with my new extra large stepladder being delivered to work the next day…

I’m waiting for the fedex guy right now!

I’m heading home early to receive a delivery!!
I usually get stuff sent to work, but I didn’t today because they’d be too hard to carry home on the bike!

You have a mailroom at the cafe? Serious question, not a piss-take.

No sweat. I’ve walked into the building past security with frames over my shoulder in the past: walking out with one shouldn’t be a problem. Unless they realise I shouldn’t really be riding a 61cm…

The shit that ususally gets delivered to my work comes on pallets or weighs ~50kg and has sharp edges i think they find it a pleasant change when somethign in softish wrapping that can be lifted with one hand turns up :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. feel free to send any bike purchases to my work as well (note that due to materials handling restrictional only frames over 62cm will be accepted)

^ Ha! If i could find a manufacturer of 62cm frames that would be a great start.

I love how big business preaches ‘workplace flexibility’ all the time, then does stuff like this which confirms they’re only interested in flexibility that suits them.

Bingo. I work for a large bank, and I’m not the only one on my floor who gets wiggle/crc deliveries, and I reckon a good third of the staff have used BookDepository and Amazon at times. There’d be a bloody uproar if they tried to ban it here, I reckon. Either that or everyone would roll over and take it.

Thank you, small office. Whats a mail room??

In the comments of the article I would agree it probably isn’t acceptable to allow an employee in a large office to arrange a car bonnet to be delivered to the office… I mean come on. Us cyclists are pretty benign in comparison!

cough cough

I won a tshirt through a vice competition a few years back and got a fucking formal warning for having it delivered to work.

A few years back a bloke in this building had a fridge delivered. He went down to collect it from the mailroom and realised he had no way to get it home. Sat there in the foyer for fucking ages.