No one from Tassie...?

Hey folks, new here.

What’s with the total lack of people riding fixed on the streets in Tassie? Strange that it’s such a trend everywhere else, yet the only fixie I’ve seen on the roads here belongs to Hobart’s only courier.

We really are a bit isolated it seems…

They have bikes in Tasmania??? :smiley:

The easy solution to Molle St is to go around the damn thing, haha. It’s good fun if you only ever go down it.

Tasmania’s got a shitload of riders. Heaps of MTBers given how close the bush is to everything, and quite a few road riders too. There’s also big summer track carnivals each year, but for some reason the fixed gears never hit the road.

I hear there are a few single speeders there but not fixed.

It’s a great place to ride around, i’ve done 2 laps.
The 3rd lap will be March next year.

I used to live in tassie. I’d say the reason no ones on a fixie is becasue of the damn hills everywhere! Would be punishment for your legs!

That’s a soft excuse!

I’m hoping to build one up over the next few months. The bad gears on my $10 roadie are about as close to SS as you can get, so it can’t be too hard.

There’s a few around.

I ride fixed as my commuter…

Much more enjoyable ride to uni cruisin along the bike path, the only hills are at Sandy Bay (not really hills) and at my home end of the ride it’s a bitch I have to get off halfway up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah good to hear. What are you riding?

I picked up this beauty today. Stage one of the fixed build project.

Cool, so you ride your Self?

I ride an old Gitane road bike at the moment, and a Jamis Durango on the trails. The Ken Self will hopefully get to the riding stage over the next few months. I just picked up the frame yesterday.

I just ride my track bike it’s an avanti pista
I got a front brake put on it.
Would post a pic but don’t know how. :?

Good luck on the bike build!