No Thanks King Kog...

Haha! Nice find.

Seriously, what will they think of next? It’s not even funny.

what a turd

Yeah I know. It’s really, really bad.

I think the fact it looks like this:

Makes it even worse, not to mention the “bling bling” part.

king kog has become a parody of itself. the shop’s kinda average, too.

also, the photochop is really sub par, notice how the collar is not straight on the LHS, with most of it having been added, and the left ear appears to have been drawn in a dfferent style and in the wrong shape.

So true. I can imagine seeing a rich college student in the states wearing one of these. To be fair, I do actually like the t-shirt that has ‘Macaframa’ (whatever that means) in ‘Campagnolo’ lettering…

trackstar had those shirts back in 2005. They’re old, and maybe just new to the webrounds…

I came across them on Tracksosaurus this morning… maybe KK are just trying to flog them off to unsuspecting online buyers?

Looks like Malcolm Turnbull:

That’s one prick I wouldn’t buy a used hub off.

That’s one prick I wouldn’t buy a used hub off.

the probability of you having already done so is high as the guy owns everything!!