Noisy cyclists bragging about bedroom antics

Noisy cyclists bragging about bedroom antics drive southside residents to petition for ‘keep quiet’ signs |

Just saw this on Bike Snob, so rediculous is must be tru.

FOUL-mouthed cyclists bragging about their bedroom exploits have sparked so many complaints from fed-up residents a councillor wants “keep quiet” signs erected along a popular cycling route.

He he

That is AMAZE

Who even yells out corner?

Hahaha, I know where the main wingers house is.
They use giant chalk often to tell people to be quite so of course every one yells as they past that house so they ditched that idea.
How many cyclist realy go out and get smashed then meet for a 5:30 group ride or talk about there sex life?

Yes the talk can be a little loud some times but come on.

Me, but only at track

Could be worse, they could be beardos…

“I would not be exaggerating to say we have thousands going past between 5am and 10am on weekends.”

and we’re all talking about our cocks.

at least, we will be this weekend!

i heard they are going to “erect” signs to be quiet, yep, that should work…“knobs.”

Some of them are yelling at 5:30 am about how pissed they got the night before and who they shagged? Shit these guys must be mean to piss it up then have a 5:30 roll out

grumpycat residents are jealous.
and where are the traffic lights everybody’s riding through?

“…and who they (were with),” she said"

They mean ‘bar-rootered’

I had to read this twice to believe it.

It’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever read.

Maybe the Queensland government should make cycling illegal.

They probably just misinterpereted a “Rider-Up” call.

Already a strava segment named appropriately, lol