noisy new chain

I just replaced my chain and its making horrible sounds when I accelerate. Its silent when I’m cruising or slowing down.

Its definately the right size chain, I think the spacing is fine and I can’t feel any movement in the BB - so does mean that my chainring and sproket are too worn and need replacing?
Has anyone got any pointer for telling when they should be replaced?

ps - they’re not so worn that they resemble sharks teeth

It could be a few things causing the noise:

  1. Your chain tension could be too tight.

  2. Your chainline could be out.

  3. Like you said, the teeth could be worn.

Out of curiosity, what chain are you running?

I’ve pulled out my measuring tape and yeah you’re right, the Chainline is out by around 5mm. I’ll get myself a new BB. Thanks for that.

ps - KMC Freestyle 1/2 x 3/32, same as before.