Noisy New Fixed

Been riding my bike as a single speed for about 3 months and last night decided to fit a fixed cog and change over from the dark side…

Firstly I am not sure how tight the chain is meant to be as a lot of the bikes I see around town (BNE) seem to have a lot of play in them.

Secondly (may be related issue), when i resist against the pedals the chain makes a heck of a racket, is this normal or an issue?


That noise is probably from your chain being too loose, or worn.

It should be just tight enough so it doesn’t fall off, but not so tight that it is binding. Check it. This whole page should be required reading for everyone, for a more ‘classic’ fixed gear frame of mind.

You chain is spent. Pony up for a new one.

If it’s a clicking noise you get when putting pressure against the pedals, check your chainring bolts.

I was getting shitloads of clicking… and had no idea until one of my bolts popped out. chucked in new bolts… and there’s no clicking now.

Also try your chain tension… It’s hard to get it right… but when it is you’ll know it.

^^ +1 to all these comments

also, bare in mind that the cog is new, so give it a few hundred K’s until its worn in and fits snug on the chain.

The chain wear matches your chainring in the forward direction but not the reverse, which is why it is only noisy when resisting.

it could also be your chain line but not very likly on a new bike just though.