some people are irritated by misplaced apostrophes. some people don’t like it when people don’t use capitalization. some people are annoyed by the non-word “agreeance”.

me? i fucking hate it when people tell me how many teeth their cranks have.

people, chainrings have teeth! cranks do not!

see this image for more details:

rough week Brendan? :wink:

…and it’s a sprocket, not a cog but don’t get me started on that.

Here’s this week’s email pearler from my workplace:

“…I am from the Internal XXXX and XXXX group and I am following up on the response below. I am enquiring as to whether use have actually held a XXXXX Committee. We would expect use to have held a meeting to discuss XXXX prior to XXXX being followed up…”

the author is (allegedly) a chartered accountant and English is (allegedly) her first language

Tyre is fucking misspelled …unless your a septic

I don’t know what a septic is, unless it’s some kinda slang for ‘American’.
Anyway, tire is the American spelling of tyre, and whilst it’s wrong to us, the creator of this (Aaron Kuehn) is probably American, or lives in a culture made up of pseudo-Americans.

anyway, here’s a wiki page, just incase you doubt me.

Septic tank rhyming slang for yank. Hence septic.

I weep for the yoof of today…

Septic = septic tank, rhyming slang for Yank.

I know Dylan Urban Dictionary: seppo

It was just my dig at Americanisation in the same vein as Brendan’s OP.

guess it went over your head

Yup, never heard that shit at school.
Never mind, lol.

Errrr , ummm, really? I thought it was track cog for track vs cassette sprocket for road? Like track ends vs dropouts?

Also, thoughts: ahead stem / threadless stem? Cranks / crankset? Bidon / bottle cage? Seat pillar / seatpost? Seat / saddle? Potato / potato? Tomato / tomato…

No they are fork ends, not track ends.

Is the correct spelling of the circular rubber things we put on our wheels “tyre” or “tire”, does it depend on the country as well, such as the same arguement as “color” and “colour”?

Errrrr… forks ends for the fork, track ends for the frame, Mr Tyres.

i have to admit to still being unsure about the word “brifter”

Perfectly cromulent.

Where do you stand on derailer / derailleur?

personally I’m unsure how I feel about “nipples”.

Eerrr, no. Read through this lot and you will find that fork end are what they are on a frame and they re common on track and bmx bikes . refer to sheldon, i think he may have a little more cred than the pair of us put together.

Track and BMX bicycles do not have rear dropouts; they use fork ends that open to the rear.

Well there you go. I stand corrected. Learn a new thing every day.

that diagram is completely arse over tit… what in the hell is a “derailleur” or “brakes”??

people are just making shit up now

not if it they’re for the road (for derailleur).