i gots no issue with the french. calling it a derailer is like calling a croissant a ‘pastry crescent’.

Omg I’m totally gonna do that next time I’m somewhere that sells pastry crescents

Yes Grasshopper, really.

If it is driven by a chain, it is a sprocket, end of story. A cog is something different, as any mechanical engineer (or even wikipedia) will be able to tell you.

These guy sure fucked up then when they named their mag, COG Magazine | Issue 10 maybe someone should let em know it needs to be changed to sprocket.

Probably didn’t want to be confused of associated with these guys Sprockets Magazine “A Lowrider Bike Culture Magazine”

And this REDLINE BICYCLES should be a mono sprocket.
Plenty of use in popular cycling culture.

And this hippy outfit


yes, I suppose they all have made the same, common mistake.

I’ve got a few of them but I guess the most annoying to me is when folks say “forks” instead of “fork”. You don’t call that thing you eat your dinner with “some forks”, it’s “a fork”. Same with the bike part.

It’s not a big thing, though, so you can’t really correct anyone on it without looking like a dick so instead it just eats away at me.


I thought it was like ‘pants’. You don’t put on a pant. That would be ridiculous.

Yeah but it’s a “pant leg”. You have two of them in a pair of pants. Fork means an instrument having two or more prongs or tines.

Then why is a staple a singular?

The language will be lost with my generation.

and when they say “you mean a croissant?” you should totally look confused and say, “sorry, i don’t speak french…”

and then get beaten to death with a baguette!

i’m sorry, i don’t speak french. are you talking about a french stick?

While we have our pedant-pants on:

It is “a scissors” or less commonly “a scissor”, not “a pair of scissors”.

I have more but they can wait.

Are you sure about that? says otherwise: scissors

It refers to the individual blades in the definition. wikipedia also refers to them as a plural noun, as does the Macquarie Dictionary, both listing the common phrase “a pair of scissors”.

how do you pronounce the double ell in “derailleur”?

yep. even the Macquarie has gone to the dogs.

and - really?

You can’t just sudo apt-get install the OED…