Nomination for the "Knob of the Year" eBay awards

This one line grabbed my attention …

if u replace the rear rim you can ride it away.
ROAD BIKE ENGARDI,MADE IN ITALY DAMAGED (eBay item 260725533082 end time 28-Jan-11 20:56:21 AEDST) : Sport

:confused::eek: Amazing !!!

Added points for bad spelling and out of focus shots that concentrate on the lawn (well kept I might add). You’d think a seller with the eBay ID 09bikeman09 would have better judgement in evaluating the damaged frame, especially as he’s selling other bikes (and not a one off expert).

Nah it’s fine. gives it nice tight geo.

Poor jerk’s just tryin to make the best of a bad situation :wink:

Perhaps he’s still concussed from the impact.

That’ll buff right out. I bet it makes for lively and responsive handling characteristics.

i could true the wheel for you if you wanted. that’s still fine.

Anyone else wonder if the frames bent at the down tube how come the front wheel looks fine and the rear is taco’d?

i was just thinking about that… maybe he was doing keo-spinzzzzz??.. o

Frames often buckle at top and down tube from a frontal impact whilst the front wheel and fork remain straight and true. I think the rear wheel (and possibly stays) are toast as a secondary part of the impact.

Every crash is different, it’s hard to figure out exactly what happened going just by the pics. It could even have fell off a roof rack or bike rack.

There are some lower level Campy parts on it (mirage, xenon?) but one should check over any parts of a crashed frame (seat post, bars, stem etc) for small cracks that may not be evident. Same goes for buying parts … you never can tell from eBay pics if there’s a nasty surprise in the waiting.

i’d extend that to check any older/used parts… even your current frame that has been serving you faithfully for the last x years. i was recently spared a nasty incident when i happened to be adjusting my front brake, but then noticed a hairline crack on one of the fork blades. indeed it extended nearly all the way around, and would have certainly gone during my next ride.

wise words … and lucky for you to spot that cracked fork :wink:

That’s another reason why it’s good to wash and strip bikes down every so often, whilst there you notice “things” you ordinarily wouldn’t catch.

I’d extend the recommendation for regular inspections to your helmet as well - I checked a mate of mines over coffee a few weeks ago and we found 3 separate cracks in the helmet - and he hadn’t had a stack that involved banging his head - probably just caused by being a bit careless dropping it down on the ground etc. Some were very hard to spot.

+1 KC

After my recent (and colossal) stack I was convinced my head didn’t touch the ground. I thought to myself a week later “Best check it to be sure”, and sure enough there was a hairline fracture right down the side of it.

please not u are bidding on a damaged cont bid if you are not sur.

He makes a good point.

Someone should tell this to J.K.L.P

My favourite line from this add:

“… damaged cont bid if you are not sur.”

Sounds like a hooker is up for auction.

Hey! that helmet just got more character then most, its in better condition than the one that saved me from a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Probably should get around to replacing it some time soon

Two little swellings on the two orizzontal tubes near the head tube as shown in the photos.

Hows this…

Vintage Pista Frame 54 X 55 fixed track (eBay item 110639484795 end time 31-Jan-11 01:18:29 AEDST) : Sporting Goods

Does this guy only deal in red frames?

^ I’m assuming those two ‘swellings’ are a really really bad sign?