Non-daggy saddle bag or alternative

I used to have one, but it was old and the attachment to the saddle was loose.
I am keen to revisit the saddle bag concept as I can see their usefulness. However they often look really bad mounted on a bike (sorry but appearances are important). :smiley:

The Ortlieb ‘mud racer’ looks interesting.

Any others worth considering, or indeed any other storage techniques?
I have a biddon tool box, but often you need two water bottles.


Blakey as your domestique could work.

I was watching a funny French film on SBS last week where the main douche protagonist recreational cyclist makes his wife follow him in the car…

oh, that’s right. when you don’t wear a jersey or shirt you don’t have pockets…

Buy this one from me:

or order a black one from their website if you prefer black.


Well played.

Interesting saddle bag

I’ve got one of them. I find it’s too big and clunky, doesn’t fit properly and rattles around as your ride. Access is difficult too, usually you have to take it off to get it open. On the positive side you could ride through a lake and nothing inside would get wet.

Carradice Zipped roll

Will take a pic of mine on the PR10 when I get home

define: daggy

and …

How much stuff do you need to carry?

I had one of these style, leather ones as a kid.

EDIT: Actually, it was more like this.
Brooks Challenge Leather Saddle Bag

Or… try here…

Is this too dangly?

‘non daggy’… Contradiction of terms…

The Lezyne Caddy series are pretty awesome. I spotted one on a customer’s bike and it was the first time I’ve seen a saddle bag that actually looked good. I promptly went and bought one for myself. The small one is good for a roadie, and the medium does well on an mtb. Good organisation internally, and they have an external pocket for your multi-tool, which is an awesome feature.

M Caddy,Organize Tire Repair, External Multi-Tool Compartment, Water Resistant Zippers, Reflective Tail Light Loop,

Highly recommended. A++

what is this and where do i get one!?

Nigel Smythe Country bag - No eye deer where you can get one. But now you can google it right!

I like wool and leather too.

buy Spirito’s on ebay
Nigel Smythe Country Saddle Bag - Tweed Wool Rivendell - eBay Accessories, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 23-Aug-10 13:53:31 AEST)

Am actually keen to grab that off ebay if its still floating around when I’ve got my bike. Price is good, too.
I have concerns without having a back wheel covering…?

i got a small one from knog the other day for a very good price. only fit a tube and a few small tools but. looks similar to that ortlieb one you posted
get one of those hipster utility belts*

*ie, a bumbag

RULE 29:
Saddle bags have no place on a road bike, and are only acceptable on mountain bikes in extreme cases.

nuf said!!!