Non machined rim + brake?

Can you run a front brake with a non-machined rim, eg. Velocity Deep V’s. Does it actually damage the rim, or does it just wear the paint? I’ve noticed quite afew bikes on that are running front brakes on non machined Deep V’s.


I don’t see how it could damage the rim, AFAIK it just means the braking surface is not perfectly perpendicular to the brake pad, unlike machined rims.

No difference at all apart from it looks crap, but if you can live with that then all is good.

The main reason rims are machined is to make sure the seam at the join is flush. If you use a brake on one for long enough (like I’ve done on my velocity wheelset) they end up loosing the paint and smoothing the join for you anyway…

pull the tyre off.
get a nice flat file, and a steady hand.
GENTLY file the flat of the rim with a push only motion from inner radius to outer.
this cleans the paint off, smooths the join, and lets you check the rim for other problems hidden by the paint.
take your time, do it right, and you’ll have a really nice braking surface, without the ugly of just rubbing the paint off.

i do this for all new rims that are going to used with a brake, whether they have a machined surface or not.
velocity always need it, alex usually need it, sun sometimes need it, and mavic rarely need it.
but i do it anyway.

just be careful of how much material you remove at the join. don’t weaken the side wall.