Non pinned and ramped outter chainring.

Has anyone every put something like this on their modern road bike?

If so how badly did it shift?

I have on a CX bike with a 48T outside ring. It shifted fine. Not as smooth obviously but it wasn’t problematic.

This is good to hear, considering getting a Fyxo 53t for the roadie and wondered if its going to be horrible or bearable. Just looking for the best price vs durability I can find.

Edit: would a 3/32 chainring like that cause any issues with a ten speed system? I have no clue about this stuff, I always buy road rings but they don’t last very long.

you are wearing out your big ring?

You must be chewing through chains and cassettes if your replacing chainrings with any regularity.

Yeah, I have been through 2 sram big rings in 6 months. One bent doing strength endurance efforts and the other one kind of did the same and has worn out now also.

Is it weird to wear out a big ring?

Yes I am going through quite a few chains/cassettes. I ride my bike a bit sooooo its expected.

Yah, figured you’d be doing alot of kms for training and in mixed weather, but generally I’d expect a ring to last at least 2 cassettes and 3-4 chains.

Well the first one bent with in a week so the one currently on the bike is 6 months old which is about 2 cassettes or 3 to 4 chains.

Just figured if shifting isn’t too heinous with no ramps or pins I could go Fyxo rings and not replace rings for a long long time.

Stop using SRAM? But if you’re not getting 20000km+ out of them something isn’t right.

Grab a 6700 crankset if you want stiffer rings. Or get stronglight 7075 rings. Or TA.

Shifting wise, I changed from a straight cut to a ramped/pinned ring and the difference was night and day. Much less coaxing and grating. Different ring size and mech setups will vary, some close ratio straight cut rings shift great.

^ I found those Stronglight ring quite noisy on my CX compared to the shimano ring that it temporarily replaced.

What Blakey Says™

If you’re bending rings then get stronger rings rather than dumping ramps & pins. Fyxo’s rings are excellent and perhaps the best of what they are but for 10/11 speed shifting ramps/pins not only help a lot but i’d consider them almost essential.

how bent were they???
most rings have 1-3mm of bend in them anyway + spiders are often out, strength and endurance efforts are all good and well but you’re only human. Cav doesn’t get new rings erryday.

i’ve straightened chain rings anyway (for myself). she’ll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Only about 5mm out, maybe a little more. Maybe I had a dodgy one or something.

I’m not asking for new rings everyday though…

Anyway I’ll buy some TA OR stronglight as advised.

My dad is a big guy and bending SRAM rings,
They are pretty shit I got him praxis and they are miles better.
I’d say I’ve put 30,000 k on my campy rings with little wear but seriously I’d go praxis