Non-UCI sanctioned TDF Fantasy League thread

Begins here…

Start your trash-talking… about this league?

Who the fuck wants Rapobank gear? Cash on the other hand would be nice

Is this where people suggest Merckx, Coppi, Lance etc as a dream team?

The details you need to enter the league are:
League Name:
League password: apples

Nope, more like fantasy football. Except I kind of understand this.

Get into it kids! I’ve picked an all-Australian line-up for euSKIDel euSKIDee. Let’s see how the boys go.

My team (saxoWANK) has a lineup of dudes with funny names. I’m gonna have to check to see if they’re actually riding :confused:

Team Allez Audrey, good to go.

Team Skidmark is in the queue !

Espresso Taste Team is preparing for the TT at Rotterdam

I already have a team name, but feel free to use the names:
Beautiful Men’s Club

As expected, Nik Cee has an interesting line up. Although apparently Peter Sagan is no longer riding.

I haven’t selected him for my team, but keep an eye on Andreas Kloden, he’s an awesome rider that I think will feature towards the end of the Tour.

I just approved a whole bunch more. Keep them coming. Make sure you check to make sure your riders are actually riding, I had to make two trades this morning as those riders weren’t selected for the tour.

Definitely some Aussie pride going on in most peoples selections, but after the Aussie performance at the Giro and ToC I think it might actually be a safe bet.

ahhhh damnit just started a thread on the other page. what a pain…

My team (Big Red Ponies) is only filled with players names I recognized. Definitely a winning strategy.

Tour de France 2009 - On-line game

dare we play this one too?

YEAH RoboBats on the move got a killer team but i spent every penny i got hahaha
does any one know what the bonus stage actully does??
and why we have t buy another team?
i found the image brenden posted up on the first page/post of the tour de france thread to be very helpful when it came to selecting my riders

bonus stage gives double points for your riders, so pick something that suits your dudes.

team footin-serviette signing in

happy to help!