Noob #377

For $199 the cell fixie it the best way to start off. As for sizing it might be best to get measured and fitted at a LBS. I’m 180cm and ride 53cm and 54cm bikes.

^Fuck I hope this is sarcasm

About the bike or sizing, or both?

No different to a heavy old PG cromo mojo(wink)

go into ‘Samson’ cycles in Brunswick, on Barkly street near the bike path, he just got some sweet singlespeed bikes in, sealed bearing hubs, sealed bearing peddles, brakes and mudguards, for shit cheap, think it was like $200-300.
in black, titanium grey and hot pink. dont fOck around building a bike, waste of time and money.

If you think that you need a bike from just A to B and don’t want to break the bank than buy the cell.

If you are positive that your going to be really into cycling/fixies than forget the Cell as it will waste your time when you realize you want something better.

I’m all for building a bike, especially if you are knew to it. Its a great experience and you’ll learn more about what your riding.
As for a 6-800 budget I think that’s more than decent. You can get a semi-good second hand frame from the trading section for 2-300 and someones always selling some Deep V’s or Alex rims on here.

You just got to think about what you want this for, will this be a phase for a couple months or do you really want to invest.

+1 on cell fixie - they now come with sugino cranks and chainring. Noice

Late reply, the cell fixie will fit a 700x25 tyre, might squeeze a 28 in there… Would be tight though.

Forgot to reply in the other thread, ended up with maxxis 28s, fit is pretty snug.